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Malayalam Movie Download He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Following his heroic actions in He Who Dares, Christopher Lowe is summoned to 10 Downing Street to be dishonourably discharged from the SAS for disobeying a direct order, despite the fact his actions saved the Prime Minister's only daughter. However, when kidnapper, Alexander Holt, escapes from prison and plots the kidnap of the PM, there's only one man to turn to.
For a budget movie, I find this movie to be extremely boring - the story line completely doesn&#39;t make sense. The character is way too arrogant and one of the worst acting I have ever seen. Throughout the movie, he is behaving in a way as if he is aware that there&#39;s a camera following and watching him. The CG is an overkill for even a budget movie. This is completely visible in all action scene. It&#39;s almost no different from Sharaksaurus Vs. MegaCroc movies. About 101 things in the movie makes no sense. i.e. Cops being shot at in public and the public just watch and stares. Normal people would run in panic after the first gunshot.<br/><br/>Conclusion: Avoid if you have other movies to watch. If this is the only movie you have, go to sleep. Better to spend your time taking a nap that watching this. I am giving this movie a 1. Worst movie ever.
I have to say that, as ex-forces myself, I spotted so many &#39;howlers&#39; in this movie that these inaccuracies quite spoiled it for me. Not least of these was the uniform worn by &quot;Major&quot; Lowe - he&#39;s shown wearing corporal&#39;s stripes for goodness sake! A Major wears a crown on each epaulette - not ruddy stripes on his arm! Another anomaly which reared its ugly head in the prequel to this movie was the irritating use of the title &quot;Detective&quot;, when addressing a DI or DS. I was amazed to learn that both Paul Tanter and Simon Philips (Director and Script Writer respectively) are British, as the use of &quot;Detective&quot; on its own is a distinct Americanism.<br/><br/>I&#39;ve given this movie two stars because the plot and its action are quite good.

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