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Hour long show which looks at the life of American super-secret operators.
The Unit is a one of the kind show far as i know. It does not only look at the special forces operatives lives but what revolves around them. This I understand placed carefully into themes that everyone can learn and at the same entertain themselves from this action drama thriller TV series even my friends who are not fans action or the military agree too. And this is way I like watching &quot;the unit&quot;.<br/><br/>1&gt; Family, the operatives work is not only thing affected from their actions but their families too. This common link bring &quot;the unit family&quot; together and they help each other deal with things that comes on the way from family matters to the operators work.<br/><br/>2&gt;Friendship / comradeship, if all things don&#39;t work and goes to hell at least they got each others back to achieve their objectives and get the hell out.<br/><br/>3&gt; Sacrifice, a common military thing, these operatives go out in long or short mission away from their loved ones and comforts of home and risk their lives at the same time. Their family has to endure the absence of their sons, husbands and fathers.<br/><br/>4&gt; Educational, is something i liked about the unit not only to get entertained also to educate on survival techniques,improvising and being resourceful.
The first 57 minutes of this program were outstanding. Real heroes, taking on the bad guys, bureaucracy, the elements, travel…you get the picture, without negativity or defeatism; just getting the job done with honor and professionalism.<br/><br/>THEN – the last two scenes killed the entire program. The commander in bed with the wife of one of his men; the same man he deployed away from her. Kind of breaks the code of trust these men live for AND – our hero, the Top Sergeant, overacts and blows a bad guy away in his mirror… It was going so good.. A testimony to the real heroes in today&#39;s Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force… Hollywood just doesn&#39;t get it… They were so close.

<ul><li>Bridget Sullivan discovers that Sam McBride is gay and he agonises over whether or not to come out to his macho colleagues. -The team discover that the CIA has illicitly created it&#39;s own special commando force with several ex-Unit members included within it&#39;s ranks. When General Ryan tries to get this new organisation shut down his ex-wife reveals to him that a mole deep within The Unit has been leaking classified information to the highest bidder. The Agency has recruited it&#39;s own group of elite covert warriors because it can no longer trust The Unit to carry out secret missions on it&#39;s behalf. The team&#39;s hunt for the traitor within their own personnel would have been the major story arc for the season.</li></ul>-Subplots would have included the recruitment of more female soldiers into The Unit and a group of journalists/human rights activists attempting to expose the organisation and have them prosecuted under international law for their actions. The Unit would also have crossed swords with the character of &#39;Super Seal&#39;, an egotistical former navy special forces officer who now hires himself out as a celebrity mercenary/bodyguard, motivational speaker and media expert on covert operations.According to remarks and interviews made by members of the cast and crew and leaks on the internet these are some of the rumoured storyline ideas for the series finale;
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